The Nuts and Bolts

From Bob Emerson, Founder

We have had RVs for over 20 years and have loved it so much that we formed this company for you and us. Your patronage allows us to do what we love and is highly appreciated.


As a group, we sought to fill in the missing gaps in the industry. These are not limited to but include:

  • Renting RVs - We rent every widening, out of the box range of RVs. From tiny Teardrop Trailers to Giant Semi Truck RVs, pick up trucks, trailers, and vans, we rent them all.

  • Renovation - We completely renovate coaches that are in great shape, hardly used often with the powertrain but the rest of the coach is dated and components are failing or damaged. 

  • Repair - We repair almost everything; even heavy frame work. Trick hitches and technology is our specialty. We add on an endless array of upgrades such as LED lighting, bigger holding tanks, extra batteries, new systems, and more.

  • Semi Trucks - Heated seats, cameras, or anything that will satisfy a trucker.

  • Custom Rigs - We build very specialized custom rigs. Check our website for “ready to build”.

  • Full Service -

    • Fetch and return your RV for renovation anywhere in the US.

    • If you are here or anywhere near here and your tow vehicle is damaged or breaks down, we can rent you one to continue your trip.

    • If your trailer is damage we will provide repairs.

    • Your rental can be placed in a camping spot full of requested food and personal items.

  • Accommodating - While any of these services are being performed for you, we can take you to town. If it is a prolonged amount of time we have an apartment on property for a low rent that is pretty luxe or a trailer in a nearby campground.

  • Guided Trips - We provide almost any service. If you do not know how to operate these vehicles and want a completely effortless adventure, we have personnel that can drive, set up, cook, and do whatever is necessary for you.


To make all this happen, it takes a diverse team that thinks out of the box.


Primary Mechanical: A retired Air Force mechanic with a heavy mechanical background. His standards exceed any I have ever seen.

Technology/AV/Trick Electrical: Partner and general manager, Danny is Ford Tech trained and inventive beyond your imagination.

Design/Company Mission/Leader/Project Manager: Bob Emerson, an airline transport pilot, rated private jet pilot, and instructor at all levels. Several years in law enforcement. Design certificate and many diverse projects.


New builds are documented at each stage for further modification years down the line, so if anything needs help we can even talk you or your mechanic through the fix.


2748983208_7b120e9129_z (2).jpg

Each area has support people and subcontractors to adapt to the eb and flow of business.


We have an ace engineer for custom builds or if a unique fix is needed structurally.


Specialty outfitters come in for guided trips.


Without our amazing customers, our company doesn’t exist unless we can make vacations, trips, repairs renovations, and custom rigs for you. Your involvement makes you part of the team, too. Your input is always taken to heart and considered.


We are lucky to have team members from a variety of industries because RVs are comprised of many specialty areas. For example, you can rest assured knowing electrical work is performed by a highly-skilled licensed commercial and residential electrician. But moreover, our crew uses previous knowledge to contribute unsurpassed workmanship and cutting edge design for custom applications.

Have you ever been in your truck or RV, and said to yourself, "I wish that functioned differently"? Well, we have, and that's what we do.

To name a few examples, a cross-feed system to link an additional fresh water tank to the existing tank so the RV can pull from both tanks with no input from the customer, an audible and visual warning in the driver seat of a motorhome if the vehicle is placed in Drive with any coach door or storage compartment door is left open, or scene lights that can be activated from the driver seat while pulling into a campground.


Here are some more examples of custom installations with ideas derived from emergency vehicles:

  • Secure Idle system which allows the driver to press a button to remove the ignition key with the engine running. For security, pressing the brake pedal before reinserting the key will cause the engine to shut down. Most emergency vehicles in the United States are equipped with this feature in order to run lights, radios for extended periods of time. For RV applications, especially diesel, it allows occupants to exit the vehicle and keep the engine running to retain engine temperature.

  • Electronic gun locks with customization function based on the customer's needs. A disable switch (to temporarily disallow access to the firearm) can be hidden, or can be automatically triggered by the vehicle's key being out of the ignition.

  • For customers who travel with pets, a system that can be enabled to sound an alarm outside the vehicle if the temperature inside gets above a safe level.