Tour like a local

Lose yourself in fun and adventure rather than a map.

Guided Tours put you in the driver's seat from the passenger seat

Seeing America and some of her quiet corners is what these wonderful machines have been created for.  Let us coordinate every detail from the planning, driving, parking, and setting up, and you enjoy your adventure.  Want to tour the area without worrying about the logistics of making it all work or getting sidelined by an unexpected repair?  We would love to do that for you.   

Elk by the water













Cheers with coffee mugs while camping


I once paused with my engine off as more than 200 elk crossed the dirt road around me en-route to the Elk preserve in Jackson Wyoming.  Nothing but the cool air, the last 15 minutes of golden light, silence except for their hooves and occasional steaming snorts in the cool air.  Humbled by how small and new my existence was on earth and that hardly anyone will every be in the middle of that experience.  Great things such as that are spontaneous and meant to be enjoyed as they occur.

When we reach each day’s destination, we will make your Coach ready for the evening for you and seeing to all the details.


Some places you will want to sample local fare and we will drive you in town with the truck, and other spots will be remote and we will prepare an American Supper for your group.  You can kick back and enjoy conversation in the wilderness by the campfire.  Reservations are required at some campgrounds but other than that the pace is set by what seems right and your objectives.   Nature is on her own schedule and when she presents herself you will want to stop.  We will stop.  Unless there is a Ranger that says no in Yellowstone.

Set your own pace