Your RV takes you many places.

Take your RV to the next level.

RV Renovation takes your RV to the next level for much less expense.

Imagine getting a brand new RV for the cost of a used RV. That is why an RV renovation is the perfect solution for you. You have already gone through the expense of purchasing an RV. You've used it and made memories with it, but now it is outdated. It may need some repair, but mostly it needs complete overhaul. Now you have the opportunity to keep your investment and make it modern. 

Parked RV

Tailored to your personal needs, you can renovate your existing RV for less than 1/3 the cost of a new, higher quality rig.  


Our current project began with a 2005 coach with the "Truck" portion with only 10 to 15% of it useful mechanical life used. The poor quality construction and low quality components were giving out. New, this coach costs about $650,000. In its condition, the value was around $100,000.  After putting in about $150,000 in renovations, the coach will have construction, components, and features found only in motorhomes valued at over $1 million. Plus, the benefit of customizing the look in feel.