Your RV takes you many places.

Take your RV to the next level.

High End RV For Standard RV Prices

New RVs are made with decent construction, but they are not made to last a long time. We will take your existing RV, improve the construction dramatically, add modern, high-end components and features, and turn your aging RV into a state-of-the-art, high-end RV for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.

Depending on what sort of RV you own or are interested in owning, Renovating an older rig can be a very cost efficient and wise decision.   Each TYPE and situation are unique but more often than not you can end up with a better-than-new rig for NO MORE THAN 1/3 the cost of a new, higher quality as well as tailored to your personal taste and needs.














Our current project began with a 2005 coach with the "Truck" portion down to about 10-15% of useful life left. The poor quality construction and low quality components were giving out. New, this coach costs about $650,000. In its condition, the value was around $100,000.  After putting in about $150,000 in renovations, the coach will have construction, components, and features found only in motorhomes valued at over $1 million. Plus, the benefit of customizing the look in feel.

How warm is your RV in cold weather? Do you feel like traveling down the road is too hard on your camper? Do you want more modern features?

Because manufacturers don't use the best construction methods, your time on the road can be impacted negatively. We want to change that. By improving the build quality and adding features that you will enjoy and make you more comfortable, we can help ensure that your time will be spent enjoying your friends, family, nature, or anything else you might want to see when you are using your home away from home. 

Better Construction, Better Memories


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