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Depending on what sort of RV you own or are interested in owning Renovating an older Rig can be a very cost efficient and wise decision.   Each TYPE and situation are unique but more often than not you can end up with a better than new Rig for NO MORE THAN  1/3 the cost of new, higher quality as well as tailored to your personal taste and needs.    You can add a few items or completely renovate.   What follows is an illustration of how a full renovation came out to less than $150,000 where the new replacement costs about $385,000 plus sales tax, registration fees etc. would certainly bring it over $400,000.00.   $150,000.00 vs $400,000.00 is a $250,000.00 difference!  Not to mention if you already own the coach you want renovated.

To illustrate, here is an example of a recent completion, what was done and the dollars and sense of it.


A new 40’ Tiffin Phaeton Motorhome costs about $380,000.00 to $400,000.00

This used 2005 Tiffin 40’ 4 slide Phaeton Motorhome was valued about $70,000.00 with 42,000 miles on it.   Truck drivers will tell you that the engine and drivetrain are “barely broken in”.  The CAT engine and Freightliner frames have very long lives, but the interior was very dated and several components such as the stove had seen better days.    So, very enthusiastic clients brought it in after living in it for 3 years as full-timers and then went all the way for the better.  The end result was a long list of higher quality, functional replacements, repairs, and a very unique look. These are just some of the items that make this motorhome entirely unique and reliable:


​What we did

  • A custom cabinet was built in our shop that concealed a disappearing lift television, an electric fire place, a hidden cat box and storage for cat care items.

  • A new kitchen with hand made wood counters, new high end appliances, and fixtures very unique to an RV.

  • A non RV reclining sofa with a custom mounting bracket

  • Custom LED dimmable lighting trough with indirect lighting over the slides.  Custom fixtures that we designed and now sell online were added, as well.  Total power consumption was reduced while greatly improving the appearance and quality of interior light.

  • All cabinetry was replaced, rebuilt, reconfigured for efficiency and special needs particular to the client as opposed to the masses.

  • The inverters and converters were replaced with top of the line products as well as many electrical issues made safer.

  • The driver’s area was repainted to reflect the overall color scheme.

  • New high quality flooring replaced construction grade carpet adding double insulation to reduce in-motion noise.

  • All slides received adjusting to adapt to the new flooring, new seals and worn parts were replaced.  The slide trim was re-detailed to add simplicity and depth along with the indirect lighting.

  • Wallpaper was removed and replaced with a variety of finishes and on all walls and surfaces. 

  • Very high quality porcelain sinks and tile instead of the low end identical interiors you find in most coaches.

  • Paint schemes and wood stain were applied that maximize the appearance and volume of all living areas.  They are also tailored to the very specific tastes of the owners.

  • A wobbling toilet was refitted with a custom flange integrated into a reinforced floor to make it rock solid in place.

  • New state of the art washer and dryer along with a very well planned organizational space.


Dollars and Cents

The owners and all of our people are very happy the way it turned out.   


$ 70,000.00 - used value, well maintained 40’ coach.

$ 65,000.00 - in a near total renovation (this figure can be reduced substantially depending on needs and wants)

$135,000.00 - equity in refurbished motorhome

$400,000.00 - approximate cost of a near identical new rig, same brand with taxes, registration and misc. costs.

$135,000.00 - customer equity on departure from our facility.

$265,000.00 - savings over new not to mention ongoing insurance costs

Judge for yourself.   Check our figures online.   Review your experience with production rigs, repairs and your budget.   We would greatly enjoy discussing your needs, ideas and objectives. 


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