2005 Phaeton

Tiffin Motorhomes 2005 Phaeton 40qdh, 300hp CAT Engine with 41,050 miles.

2005 Phaeton Renovation: Modern luxury for 1/3 the price of new.







We will let the before and after pictures speak for themselves. This is a one of a kind interior to the exact taste of its owners. What you cannot see is the upgrade, renovation and repair of life limited items. There too many things to mention here but the interior and exterior had a complete lighting change to LED lighting. Reducing power demand, enhancing safety and quality of light. We and her owners are very, very proud. Better than new for less than a third of the new price.


Electronics and televisions have progressed quite a bit since 2005. A more spacious, safe,responsive and attractive driving area was created with additional storage. Clean lines and brighter colors. In the salon a large desk/table was added because our clients work from the road on the web. The custom cabinet we made in the same slide has an electric fireplace for additional heat in front. A very large TV that hides on a lift in back and in the left pull out is a concealed cat box for two large much loved cats. These are the kind of personal innovations we tailored to these full time residents. The LED overhead lights are our design and we will sell them directly to you. Tiffin Motorhomes believes as we do that our customers are ours for life. We were delighted to find that their Technicians, service and parts people were polite, responsive and very helpful. Our hat is off to them and we are grateful for their assistance and service. This beautiful coach will live on with a very low time chassis as if she were new again.


The dimmable slide lighting I have to say knocked me off my feet when if first saw it against the dark wood and off white walls. It's one of those things you do that exceeds your expectations. It is a rather low cost addition in the whole process and makes a huge
statement. As a pilot I was in many very high end private jets and this is what the effect of the lighting is in those. This is what I wanted when I started this company and to see it I had to sit down and look at it in silence. Our Client and craftspeople hit the mark plus here. You get a lot of value from lighting changes, not to mention power reduction.

Please note the new slide edge. It is metal that we custom milled then painted with custom matched automobile paint to the new high grade flooring. For sound and heat insulation it is double padded. You can barely make out the lift television in this picture. The black box in front is an electric fireplace.Thekitty box is secret. On the right are supplies. Those big carpet flaps are gone for good!

Moving on to the kitchen end. Our owners live in this beautiful coach full time. The kitchen was a real point of focus for all of us. Especially the one who does most (all) of the cooking. A new super microwave involved special mounts, cabinet and vent modification. The Farm sink, fixtures and tiles are all very high grade selected by the owner. (She helps me some now). A new range and custom made by use wood counters were created. Notice the added appearance and actual space by the removal of the cabinet over the sink. Labor cost is a bigger factor than years ago. You get true value by digging a little deeper a getting high grade fixtures.
The light fixture was adapted to be 12 volt. Black was big in the early 80s in high end homes. Then it went away. It was very brave of her to do it here. I was not a fan of the idea and I must say she was right. Note the dimmer switch to the right of the farm sink. Our welding department made a custom cushioned support for that sink so to avoid it ever cracking from motion. It will actually move a tiny fraction to avoid that.

We listen to all and work as a team here.

“You don’t hire smart people and tell them what to do. You hire smart people so they can tell you what to do”

The late Steve Jobs.

NOW THAT IS A BATHROOM SINK! When someone says “lets do black sinks and tile” there is not a round of applause. There was afterward. The counter top was a real debate. It came down to nothing can detract from the sink or tile. This is a RV folks! It’s a beautiful home that can go to any zip code in our nation. Happy people live in here and its exactly to their taste.


The sink in the bedroom was never used so it was removed for very useful storage and a fax. On the right you may see a cut in the top. That opens to a two section hamper below. As a decades long RV guy I will tell you and others will too: trash and laundry will make you crazy in an RV. Speaking of that a combined washer dryer was replaced by new units that work great. It allowed for some damage repair as well. While we are here there was a box for an old school television. It was a real head knocker. Now there is a big flat screen that goes well out of the way. The cord was not up for this shot and there is are there now. Note the color matched swing out towel dryer to the left of the window. Compare the slider door.

So this is one couples taste, needs and dreams. With the fine Tiffin as
a base we all worked together to craft a custom home that will go
anywhere. A beautiful home in every state. Think about what you
might like and your needs. We would love to talk to you. I believe
everyone should have a rig. I wish I still owned every one I have had.



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