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Renovation increases the value of your current investment.













The "renovation" work we do can encompass minor changes or improvements.  The one that is taking place on my coach was much needed.  The "Truck" portion was only at 10% TO 15% of it useful life but the 2005 coach and its poor construction and low quality components were timing out making it unusable.   This coach sells new for about $650,000.00.   As it was it had a sale value of $100,000.00 give or take $20,000.00   If I had traded it or sold it and bought a new one I would have had to pay an additional $525,000.00.  The new coach would have some other nice things no doubt but by and large the same low to moderate materials and construction.


With its current value and as much as $150,000.00 in renovations I saved $300,000.00 over new.   However there are quality features found only in motor homes over $1,000,000.00 as well as about 20 innovations that are only found on the Rig.  Additionally all new components are of much higher quality or custom.  There safety features such as wiring in conduit and junction boxes such as you find in a high end home, that are not in 98% of the RVs.   The insulation far exceeds what is used in cold weather home thus allowing better winter use, energy savings and wear and tear on all components.   The end result is I get the features and life span of an over $1,000,000.00 coach for my capital of the Rig-$100,000.00 and retail renovation of max $150,000.00.   1/3 the price for far more.  


There are hundreds of thousands of RVs costing $400,000.00 to well north of a million  out there that are facing this same dilemma with no one to really adequately meet their need.  It could even be a recessionary service.


Additionally the finished product is far more attractive and to the custom taste of the owner not the tacky, mundane or overdone look of the production models.


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