RV Roof Vent

make your roof whole again

Water should come from the faucet

RV Repair is inevitable. 

We will make sure your pitstop is short. 

Water infiltration is a very serious damage problem with RVs.  It can sneak in the tiniest of places over a few months and cause a lot of damage. Rot and dangerous mold being the main issues. In some older coaches causing them to be an insurance total!  In addition to keeping the sides and all points of joining well sealed the roof is the primary problem


RV roofs  come in three forms usually:

Vinyl is a little more than glued down padded picnic tablecloth. Most coaches have this. It is over what amounts to "chipboard" plywood. It is glued down and self-level caulked and trimmed. Frankly, it is shocking that this is done. You often see them on the highway where the front has come loose and it is billowing in the air. It is very easy to damage and tear by tree branches or hail.

galvanized metal roof

Vinyl roof

one-piece fiberglass roof

Galvanized metal well sealed with self-leveling caulk.

One-Piece Fiberglass, with all entry points for appliances well sealed with caulk.

New to the market is “Truck Bed Liner Roofs”.  This is the ultimate.  It protects against water intrusion, sound intrusion, insulates and strengthens your roof.


You must have a stainless roof and in some cases it can go over fiberglass.


Our team with their innovative thinking has devised a way to get the cost of replacing your vinyl roof with a metal roof for 







Feet at door with snow outside

Off Season

There is always an off-season whether you are a snow-bird, or use your RV mainly in the summer.  That's the perfect time to get major projects done whether it is fixing mechanical issues, winterizing, or even major renovation.  We care for your RV from tire to top and everything in between.  If you have any questions about what we can do, reach out and we will be happy to help. Our customers are the number 1 priority for us.