"snow birds"

or off-season travelers

South for the Winter

If you are considering joining the thousands of families that go south to warmer areas for the winter, or like us who just prefer fewer people around, we offer substantial discounts for you! It is a slower season for us, and for the luxury of having our vehicles gone and in your hands for weeks at a time we would like to offer our special rates.

Regular Rates (+tax)

Truck - $225/day

Trailer - $175/day

Total - $400/day

$2,400 for a 7-day week

150 miles per day max

35¢ per extra mile

Includes basic housewares

We give you a free day each week as a thank you

Volume Discounts

Total Cost

1 Week 

2 Weeks

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks







Daily Cost

Total Cost

Daily Cost

6,300 miles included







Snow Bird Discounts

1 Week 

2 Weeks

3 Weeks

4 Weeks

5 Weeks

6 Weeks














The Trailers

2018 Forest River Cherokee Limited 274DBH​


I bought these for our fleet because they are my favorites of all time. In fact, I had designed a similar unit for fun and then found this floor plan.  As a many-decade RV guy, this is what I like.


  • You, guests (kids or grandkids) can access the bathroom from the outside.  In camping applications, this presents many benefits.  

  • You come back from fishing, hike or lake swim or any fun “get dirty” activity and you are not messing up the trailer to get in the bath and clean up.

  • People are not interfering with food preparation just to get to the bath.

  • Campfire to bathroom with the bugs etc. not making it in the coach or disrupting sleep, poker games, etc. going on in the main room.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Private master with no waisted space at opposite end the trailer from other sleepers.

  • Plenty of storage for clothing and other supplies under the bed.

  • Individual nightlight and reading lights.

  • When the slide is in and you are just stopping for a rest-area nap or lunch there is still functional space.  It is a very usable trailer

  • Outside gas burners to keep food smells down and encourage outside cooking.

  • If you do not have guests or kids, the bunks are great for treasures you find and a whole host of things.  Cover the bottom mattress, remove it or put it on top of the top one and put dog crates in!  An extra accessible ice chest for long camps.  Endless flexible space.

  • It says 27’ but manufactures do this so you can get into campgrounds and parks easier.  Hitch ball to rear bumper its just over 30’ but that is the perfect middle size for most missions.   Such as:

    • Living in it for a month or three to see if full timing or winter “snow bird living is for you.

    • A prolonged trip all about our country.

    • Camping with a family and still having space

    • Traveling with a relative or pets

The Truck

  • Ford F-350 Lariat

  • 6.7L Turbo Diesel

  • 4-Door

  • 5 or 6 Passenger

The trucks this season are brand new Ford F-350 Super Duty 6.7 Diesel Lariats. They are so comfortable and powerful you barely notice when you’re towing. The trailers are nearly identical, 2017 and 2018 31’ Forest River Cherokees. All are described below.  We want these trucks and trailers out of our shop and making memories with you this Fall and Winter.  We space for several big renovations and new builds. We only have 13,000 sf here and none of your babies or our babies stay uncovered. Not with South Dakota hail.

Always keep in mind that we can accommodate you in many ways. You can drive to Rapid and leave your vehicle here or we can deliver the Truck and Trailer to your area or a southern location if you wish to fly too and avoid the long trek. Just ask and we will see what can be done.  Please call with any questions.  

The usual set up is club seating in front to allow 5 passengers. We have an identical truck, except it has a 60/40 bench seat in the front to allow a total of 6 passengers.


There is a tremendous amount of storage under the rear seats with a locking box.   The rear seats fold up as well to allow a couple traveling with a Great Dane plenty of room for her mattress and pillows. Or you can raise just one side.

In the two above pictures you can see the trailer control “Towing” screens on the control panel.  On the left panel notice that on the right side there is zero degrees for the front wheel position.  On the right side there is a 22 degrees wheel position indicator.   If you have ever been backing a trailer and forgot which way your wheels are turned its dangerous and aggravating.   Notice on the center the 0 degrees over the shape of the truck.  This indicates how many nose degrees up or down the pick up is.   This is very valuable when you are going up or down grades with heavy loads.

For those not familiar where it says “Gain 5.5,” that is the degree to which the trailer brakes will activate when depressed.  Each trailer due to size, weight, and brake calibration must be adjusted to not cause excess wear or under braking. If the trailer brakes are set too strong it can cause excessive heat to the trailer brakes or cause them to lock up during normal braking.   


Another feature include in these trucks is “TOW MODE.” Nothing short of amazing. In this mode, the transmission and engine parameters change to accommodate for the extra weight. The truck is also equipped with an exhaust brake to better control speed going downhill without riding the brakes. Our hats are off to Ford and its engineers for keeping us all safe.


These truck even empty ride like a car.  The power is nearly overwhelming.  They are a joy to drive and coveted by all who now what they are.  The seats adjust every which way, are heated, cooled, and there a more luxury features than you can imagine. This is very near the top of the Ford truck line and options.  Leather seats, adapter and cup holders abound. GPS that finds gas stations and gives you their prices. As of this printing I still don’t know all that they have to offer. 


If you are relatively new to trailer towing and this life, we will offer you instruction and a full check out so you can safely operate such a wonder set up and enjoy yourself. I am a pilot. I know from experience when you know what you are doing you have so much fun rather than anxiety of being on the edge. I taught my children and my friend’s children their first driving lessons in trucks like this with camper shells on them and covered the back-up screen. They all sing my praises because every care seems small. If you have only driven a mid-sized car and would like a long vacation, we will schedule you a day long family training session and you will be comfortable. I have licensed 40 pilots, 5 in Jets. I am patient and believe everyone has the skill. 


An elderly couple of which I kept the husband current in their airplane decided it would be a good idea at their age, should he have heart failure, that she knew how to safely get their airplane on the ground. She was a slight, but intrepid woman with dyslexia no less. Their airplane was a very heavy, a 6-seat pressurized single engine piston that was very difficult to handle and had heavy controls. In 3 hours, she and I had her making consistent safe landings!  Now if Lorraine May could do THAT, you guys can learn to handle my rigs like pros. Right?  Of course, we can!


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Our technicians are contracted licensed electricians, former aircraft mechanics, and master automotive technicians!


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