tow & hitch

150lbs of Insurance

Custom Welded

Increase Your Towing Capacity

Most Rigs are too low to the ground with too long of an “arm” from the rear axle.  We have 20” clearance. The legal limit is 24”.    


Our Big Class C has a 50,000 lb. tow capacity.   When I purchased it 5 years ago it had a 4,000lb hitch.  A 75 year old man born into the specialized truck business got out two big pieces card board and we crawled under together as he said “Bob this is hitch school 101”.  He installed a custom 20,000lb hitch. On the renovation we wanted more clearence and the ability to tow a “stacker Trailer” if need be so we are a very safe 37,000lbs with a wide safety margin.

Custom Welded Hitch













Custom Hitch Diagram

Custom Welding

If you need a bike holder or something more involved like this we would love to listen and talk with you. We do simple repairs to specialized welding.

Below are the plans that rest on both frames, are welded and have several both through points.  It has bracing that covers all angles of force:  


Forward and Aft for heavy acceleration

Hills and Aft for panic breaking or collison 

Up and down for negative and positive “G-force” and static weight 

Angeled from side to side for “torque” and “fishtailing”

One of my engineers said “Bob you are way over built again”.  I replied: “She has the weight carrying capability and I like to sleep well.   That’s 150lbs of insurance.”

Sleep well with 150lbs of insurance.